Are any of us defined by any one thing? 
Our interests, our desires, our jobs, our loved ones?

When we stop to wonder, we realize that we are all a mix of contrasts: so many things that may not always go to together on paper, but nevertheless are a part of us.  It’s in the contrasts that we find who we are.

The Belle Wall is a blog dedicated to reclaiming this idea of contrasts – embracing the excitement of modern life while celebrating tradition and history.  It’s tobacco leaves and magnolia blooms, modern style and family traditions.  It’s putting a spotlight on how a beautiful life can happen when you decide to blend together the old and the new.  It’s about finding authenticity.

We’re a home for stories – inspired home décor, thoughtful life lessons, detailed travel ideas, musical stylings, creative recipes, classic apparel and more.  We’re about an upcycled vintage necklace and an old school cocktail with a twist.  We’re about kicking back with a craft brew on your reclaimed wooden bar, then donning your bougiest dress for a Saturday evening garden party complete with farm to table fare. 

Join me in exploring the incredible diversity of a traditional life with a modern flare.  Let’s live in our contrasts, and let’s create some new life in the Old South.

Cristen Vaughn, Founder of The Belle Wall Blog