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The best t-shirt you will ever own. Period.

The best t-shirt you will ever own. Period.

Ok, so I am always on the lookout for great t-shirts to wear with jeans and a chunky / funky necklace on the weekends.  A good t-shirt should be a staple of any wardrobe. 

And, I love that you can dress a t-shirt up or down with a few added accessories – it’s classic!  Jeans, flats, solid color t-shirt, chunky necklace, DONE.  Out the door and looking effortlessly chic.

BUT, for some reason, great t-shirts can be one of the hardest things to find.  A lot of them either don’t fit well, are paper thin, fall apart after a few washes, or are too expensive.  Example: I used to buy a lot of J-Crew t-shirts (and don’t get me wrong, I still have some old ones lurking in my closet that I can’t seem to part with); however, J-Crew t-shirts tend to fade or fall apart after a few washes as the newer material doesn’t seem to be as durable as the fabric from their t-shirts in the past. 

In fact, it seems like a lot of retailers are moving to cheaper fabrics and manufacturing processes, and it makes me really upset…upset to the point I have gotten publicly mad at a Banana Republic salesperson for how cheaply their clothing has gotten with the same price tag still attached…they expect me to pay $89 for an article of clothing with poor quality materials that will fall apart after one wash cycle?!  Hell to the NO…

I’ll save my textile manufacturing rant for another blog post – HA! – back to the best t-shirt you will ever own. 

This is it, people: Marine Layer.

After countless hours of internet searching for the best t-shirt at the right price point, I found it – Marine Layer.  Their t-shirts are $46 each (or 3 for $100), which is a great deal for this wardrobe staple.  And, they are SO SOFT.  Strangely enough, the fabric for their t-shirts is sourced from trees!   Using the pulp from trees makes their t-shirts very soft and sustainable for the environment.  The company produces most of their clothing line in San Francisco and Los Angeles using ethical garment factory practices. 

I was lucky enough to visit a Marine Layer store in person recently on a trip to San Francisco, CA.  Walking in the store, there were hardwood plank floors, high ceilings, candles burning, succulent plants, and an overall great feeling.  It was a pleasant experience that made you feel good about the brand you were buying and the story that came along with it, unlike so many of the big box retail chains.

Bonuses on Marine Layer's t-shirt game: super soft; washes well; long sleeves and good length overall (I love an extra long t-shirt that sits well on your hips); not too thin; quality materials; and not covered with insignia (good to keep it plain and classic).

I picked out a few long-sleeved t-shirts using the store’s 3 for $100 deal, and ended up with some new staples to pair with my jeans, chunky necklace, ballet flats, and earrings.  Classically chic!

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