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Vodka Soda, Extra Lemon

Vodka Soda, Extra Lemon

My taste in music is VAST.  There’s hardly any music I don’t enjoy listening to or putting into my playlist rotation as you will soon realize with these posts.  I generally dislike when someone wants to know my ‘go-to’ genre of music or favorite song.  My response is always the same – “what season, week, day, time, mood am I in?” 

Some days I come home after work, pour a glass of red, turn on a nice jazzy dinner mix (coming soon…hint hint) and begin a long cooking session (cooking a meal relaxes me and is sort of meditative…anyone else think so?).  

On other occasions, I need a more rhythmic beat and a stronger vibe...EDM (electronic dance music, in case you didn’t know – no judgment) and vodka.  This is especially true during the winter months when it’s grey outside and seasonal depression tries to take hold.  When this happens, it’s time to turn up the beat to improve the mood and sip some vodka to warm your spirits!

When it comes to EDM, I enjoy the more melodic, female vocal variety – none of that hardcore “oontz oontz oontz” up in the club stuff.  We’ll reserve the fist pumping for the gym when it’s time to get amped for a sweat fest.  And, just as I like my EDM a little more chill, I also enjoy a low key mixed drink.  None of those sour mixes or sweet sugary concoctions in my beverage, please. 

As alcoholic beverage choices go, vodka soda is one of the “healthier” options.  Low in calories (96 calories per 1.5 ounces) and no added sugar (by the way, tonic water has sugar in it, so opt for the soda water).  Add in LOTS of lemon, and you’re good to go.

This playlist includes some of my favorite melodic EDM tracks.  Great beats, vocals, and breaks.  

Use this playlist when you need to improve your mood during cold, grey days or when having friends over for a cocktail before a night on the town.


Vodka Soda, Extra Lemon | Recipe


  • 1.5 – 2 oz. Ketel One Vodka (or your vodka of choice)
  • 3 – 4 oz. Mountain Valley Sparkling Water (or your sparkling water / club soda of choice)
  • 2 – 3 Lemon wedges
  • 2 Large ice cubes



Put 2 large ice cubes (this tray makes perfect large cubes) in a rocks glass or small tumbler.  You don’t want your vodka soda getting watered down, so using a smaller glass and larger ice cubes will do the trick. 

(Side notes: I really like to taste the vodka and have the sparkling water be as bubbly as possible.  Ketel One has great flavor and isn’t as pricey as the often sought after Grey Goose Vodka.  Mountain Valley Sparkling Water is my absolute FAVORITE.  The bubbles are very tiny and plentiful…YES PLEASE!)

Pour 1 – 1 1/2 shots of vodka over the ice cubes and top with sparkling water.  If you are like me and keep your vodka in a crystal liquor decanter on your bar cart, then feel free to shake your vodka over ice prior to pouring it into your glass so that your drink is extra cold (this one matches the rocks glasses and is more of an heirloom piece versus the typical metal shakers).

Finally, cut up a few lemon wedges (TONS of lemon), squeeze them over your drink, and let the wedges serve as a garnish for your drink.  Serve with a cocktail napkin and a straw.

Vodka Soda, Extra Lemon | Playlist
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